Enthuzia 2023

Embark on an epic three day adventure.

THe wait is over!


Enthuzia over the years


Journey Starts

With Stunning Performances & Enthusiastic Audiences, Enthuzia has embarked on its spectacular journey.



The audience at Enthuzia’12 got unforgettable memories as souvenirs when Indian Pop Band Euphoria put up an electrifying show & rocked everyone’s worlds.



The glamor & style quotient was kicked up a notch with Miss India & Miss Earth 2013, actress Sobita Dhulipala on the stage.



Sunburn Campus had global sensations; Olly Esse & Siana Cat set the stage on fire & kept the crowd raving!



Hamari Kahani would be Adhoori without mentioning the transcendental and nostalgic Bollywood night with Ami Mishra.


Pighal Gya

Comedy Wizard Zakir Khan took over the buzz of Enthuzia’19 & drove the crowd into resonating fits of laughter!



Power-packed & sizzling! Stebin Ben’s performance had a gripping hold over the Enthuzia’20 crowd!



The air at Enthuzia’22 was charged & the crowd swayed to the sublime & ethereal performances of the Rock Band Indian Ocean.

Celebs at our Place

Zakir Khan

Anubhav Singh Bassi

Abijit Ganguly

VM Bhatt

Shobita Dhulipala

Vinay Sharma

Vaibhav Sethia

Gurleen Grewal

Indian Ocean

Ami Mishra

Olly Esse

Diana Catherine

Nina Suerte

Zoe Simpson

Stebin Ben

Parashara Band

Atoot Band

Euphoria Band

Saar Band

Babar Khan

Underground Authority

Apricot Band

Dual Vibes




Applauded are those who celebrate! Enthuzia’22 was a celebration of bonds forged from arts, culture & talent! Comedy wizard Abijit Ganguly tickled everyone’s funny bone, and transcendental tunes were played by the Indian Ocean band! Sunburn Campus had DJ MKSHFT & DJ Paranox set the stage ablaze & Underground Authority put up an electrifying show!!

Indian Ocean
Swimming Pool
Free Gym
Tennis Court


Genres and boxes are for killjoys! Enthuzia’20 was lured into a state of Nirvana by the Anand Bhaskara Collective, where Rock met Carnatic. Stand-up by Anubhav Singh Bassi chuckled many and Stebin Ben’s music sizzled. Sunburn Campus and Dunes Music festival returned with Zephyr tone and Dual Vibes.

Indian Ocean
Swimming Pool
Free Gym
Tennis Court

Director’s Message

Siva Umapathy

Established with the goal to nurture the young and brilliant minds of the country, IISER Bhopal has only looked forward since its inception in 2008. Being a young institute, it has made outstanding progress to mark an imprint among the premiere centres of education and research in the country. It promises to give polished individuals and visionary leaders to the society. A paradise of learning where students are driven by curiosity and creativity, it is a place where the spirit of science is celebrated. A convention of growth and passion seen in the atmosphere where the crowd is motivated and encouraged to give out their absolute best in every endeavour they take. Their vibrant fests are just the demonstrations for that, where events become phenomena and the glee of youth is seen from miles away.

Convener’s Message

Utkarsh Prakash

A prime example of that would be Enthuzia, the annual cultural fest of IISER Bhopal where a global audience comes together to celebrate and enjoy the sensational festivities that we have to offer. With a great assortment of cultural events, Enthuzia aims to bring out the cultural genius latent in everyone and gives them a platform to showcase their prowess. It is a culmination of the hard work and dedication that is put into the events both by the organizers and the participants. The energy and enthusiasm that is witnessed during the fest is a melody that entices the listener and one can’t help but join in on the festivity and celebrate.